Environmental Campaign Groups

If you would like to find out about local, practical improvements to the environment, take a look at www.lancswt.org.uk
Friends of the Earth - www.foe.co.uk
Greenpeace - www.greenpeace.org.uk
Groundwork - www.groundwork.org.uk - "cleaner, safer, greener communities" - useful for jobs and volunteering
World Conservation Union - www.iucn.org. This links to the IUCN Red List at www.redlist.org
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers - www.btcv.org - good for practical conservation work and jobs.
Common Ground - www.commonground.org.uk - local distinctiveness, parish maps, Apple Day, fields, art...
Global Justice - www.wdm.org.uk.


Global Justice - www.wdm.org.uk
Oxfam - www.oxfam.org.uk
Fair Trade Foundation - www.fairtrade.org.uk


Sustrans - national cyclepath network - www.sustrans.org.uk
CTC - Cyclists Touring Club - www.ctc.org.uk
Transport 2000 - environmental transport campaigns - www.transport2000.org.uk
Rail Future - railways campaign - www.railfuture.org.uk

Waste and Recycling

Global Renewables Farington Waste Recovery Park - www.globalrenewables.co.uk
Waste Watch - www.wastewatch.org.uk
27 million tons of rubbish are produced annually in Britain..that is one tonne per family. Up to 80 per cent of our rubbish could be recycled. To find out how you can do more to help reduce waste, contact recycle-more.co.uk..
Centre for Alternative Technology - www.cat.org.uk - lots of useful links.

Food, Countryside, Wildlife

DEFRA - UK Government - www.defra.gov.uk
HDRA - organic gardening - www.hdra.org.uk
Permaculture Association - www.permaculture.org.uk
National Association of Farmers Markets - www.farmersmarkets.net
Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester, North Merseyside - www.wildlifetrust.org.uk/lancashire
Morecambe Bay Partnership - www.morecambebay.org.uk.
Ramblers Association - www.ramblers.org.uk


RenewableUK - the voice of marine and wind energy.
Centre for Alternative Technology - www.cat.org.uk - lots of useful links.
CORE - Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment - www.corecumbria.co.uk