The next meeting of the Central Lancashire group will be on Monday, 9th July, 7.00 pm at Dice and Donuts, (opposite the side entrance of Preston railway station). We meet every second Monday of the month. Why don't you come along and see if you like us?

A new website designed to co-ordinate anti-fracking news and activities over the north west region.


In a world where so many are near starvation, it is estimated that around one third of all of the food that we produce is wasted. In response to this we are seeing the creation of Junk Food Projects. This is not anything to do with what we think of as unhealthy junk food. It is a project to reduce the massive amount of perfectly edible food that is "junked" or thrown away every day by our supermarkets and food producers.

Check out how Manchester is meeting the challenge here. .

Closer to home, Preston is just about to open its first "Pay As You Feel" cafe on Friargate. The project is a collaboration between The Larder (Lancashire and Region Dietary Education Resource) and the Preston Food Partnership. To donate, visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-larder.

While you're at it, why not check out how our food consumption habits are affecting the planet? Click here. .


There is a great deal of misinformation being generated about renewable energy, and in particular about wind-produced energy.
The following sites aim to give more reliable information on the subject:

The reputable Institute for Public Policy Research has just published a report about wind-powered electricity generation (30th August 2012). It concludes that wind power is an effective technology and that many of the objections to it, on the grounds of its alleged inefficiency, are unfounded. The full text of the report may be downloaded for free at:


Further reliable information can be found in these sites:

Without Hot Air.
Common Concerns about Wind Power.

Alliance4Wind is an environmental pro wind, proactive campaign group that supports wind farm applications and was founded in 2006. Their website is here , and some headlines are:
Official figures show outstanding October for wind energy...
Fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100 says IPCC...
Wind power steps up when nuclear and gas go offline...
Wind power most popular source of energy in the UK...
World must end dirty fuel use - UN...
RSPB Scotland calls for urgent action on climate change...
New wind energy record for February...
£310m invested in UK wind turbines...

For a 100% Renewable energy supplier, check out the Good Energy Company here: The Good Energy Website.



Friends of the Earth believes that there are serious concerns about the environmental impact of the extraction of shale gas. Key among these is the impact on climate change of a further increase of greenhouse gases resulting from the burning of yet more fossil fuel. Investment in gas and oil extraction will detract from investment in renewable energy.
Other problems include the possible contamination of groundwater, the triggering of earth tremors, excessive water demand and the industrialisation of countryside.
It is essential that environmental and human health impacts of shale gas extraction are fully understood.

You can read a fuller account of Friends of the Earth's objections here.

There is increasing concern among a growing number of other environmental groups about the development of shale gas exploration in Lancashire (and elsewhere in the UK).

See details about local opposition to shale gas drilling at the following site: FrackFreeLancashire

Frack Free Lancashire attend Lancashire County Council Planning Committee to offer their views on Cuadrilla's applications.

Lancashire County Council planning committee today (23 September) granted permission to shale gas company Cuadrilla for two planning applications - regarding ‘pressure monitoring’ at the Becconsall site in West Lancs, and an extension for the time period to restore the site at Preese Hall, Fylde. Representatives of Ribble Estuary Against Fracking and Friends of the Earth spoke at the planning committee to express their grave concerns.


Beautiful Planet

Check out Preston's one-stop green shop, and have a good cup of coffee while you browse around. Beautiful Planet is at 69 Friargate, PR1 2AT, and can be contacted at prestongreencentre.blogspot, and facebook/PrestonGreenCentre .

Ethical Shopping Made Easy

A wide variety of quality Fair Trade and recycled goods at the Eco-Friendly Business of the Year (LCC Safe Trader Awards 2012). Unit 16, first floor, Galgate Mill, LA2 0PR. Open each day except Thursday and Sunday. Phone: 01524 752204 or click here for more details.

Healthy Living

On the subject of shopping, you can buy health foods and alternative natural products for household and health care from Aphrodite in Priory Lane, Penwortham....or make an appointment to see an alternative medical practitioner....telephone 01772 746555.

Another good idea! Cut down on plastic waste by taking your empty washing-up liquid bottles (any sort) to be refilled with Ecover washing products at Aphrodite, Priory Lane, Penwortham.

Healthy Gardening

If you want to purchase plants from an environmentally friendly garden centre, try Ribblesdale Nurseries, Newsham Hall Lane, Woodplumpton, Preston. See their website here. "Our principles include using as few chemicals as possible (almost none) and all home-produced crops are grown in peat free compost.
We aim to promote wild life and their benefits.
Hopefully our practices encourage wild life at our nursery...